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Pakobazaar, a company selling a wide variety of home design products, approached Redcase Software looking to expand their ecommerce business abroad, enhance the experience of both their users and administrators, and build a fresh ecommerce store with stylish design, rich experiences, and features while also keeping management easy.


After consulting with Pakobazaar and optimizing workflows, Redcase Software developed a solution that automated their tasks and added many features to create a premium experience for buyers. The solution included integrating their brand new international Magento 2 store with their ERP software, syncing every entity of the store, and introducing important features. Additionally, Pakobazaar has a unique integration with their suppliers that allows orders to be placed automatically.

Pakobazaar's ecommerce store offers a premium shopping experience to its users.


Redcase Software partnered with Pakobazaar to build a fresh ecommerce store for their products with a stylish design and rich features. Our solution automated tasks and introduced key features to create a premium experience.

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Task Automations

We automated many of the tasks associated with ecommerce management to make the experience of managing, buying, and browsing the site as simple and intuitive as possible. This included automating inventory management, order processing, and customer support tools.

Integrations & Streamlining

Our unique integration with Pakobazaar's suppliers allows for automatic order placement and invoicing. This integration streamlines the ordering process and reduces errors, allowing for a more efficient ecommerce operation.

User-Centric Design

We worked closely with Pakobazaar to create a user-centric design, based on their user base, that would provide a seamless shopping experience for customers. This included creating a clean, modern layout with easy navigation and designing the site to be visually appealing and on-brand.

Scalability - Ready to scale & expand

The store has multi-layer caching to ensure fast load times, even with hundreds of thousands of products, ensuring that it remains available and responsive even during peak periods, such as seasonal sales or promotional events


start an e-commerce project with Redcase Software House

Our user-centric design creates a seamless shopping experience for Pakobazaar's customers.

Our design for Pakobazaar's ecommerce store was focused on creating a premium experience for both customers and administrators. We analyzed the user base and ensured that the site was on brand, visually appealing and easy to navigate for everyone.

start an e-commerce project with Redcase Software House

In addition to the user-centric design, we also focused on the back-end management of the site. We created a dashboard that was easy to use and allowed administrators to manage the store efficiently. This included features such as inventory management, order tracking, and customer support tools.

start an e-commerce project with Redcase Software House

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